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Research Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Peking University Law School

Constitutionalism Research Institute China University of Political Science and Law

Wuhan University Public Interest and Development Law Institute

China Disability Research Society

NGO Research Center Tsinghua University

The Center for NPOs law of Peking University

China Philanthropy Research Institute

Institute of Journalism & Communication Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

China Blind Person’s Association

China Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

China Association of People with Physical Disabled

China Association of Persons with Intellectural Disability and their Relatives

China Association of Persons with Autistic Disability and their Relatives

China National Radio

Radio Beijing Training Center


Internet Society of China

The Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission,MIIT

Standardization Administration of the P.R.C



Chinese Information Processing Society of China

Stenography Society of Beijing



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