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Wang Xiaoyan/  Chairman 
CEO of Shanghai Visionary Consulting Co. Ltd.
Tang Tao / Vice-Chairman
Female,Physical Disability
CEO of Shanghai Yongjia  Enterprises Management Co. Ltd.
Xie Yan / Vice-Chairman
Physical Disability
CEO of OPO Group of Disability
Zhang Jun  / Director
Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Boill Group Co., Ltd.
Fu Gaoshan / Director
Low Vision 
CEO of Beijing Qishi Management Consultants Co.,Ltd.  
Cai Cong / Director         
Low Vision 
CEO of Youren Culture
Gu Cixia / Director
Physical Disability
CEO of Shanghai Qingshen Tourism Automobile Service Co., Ltd.     

Huang Yu / Supervisors
Physical Disability
Vice-Chairman  of Shanghai Association of People with Physical Disabled 

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