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Xie Yan
Partner, Co-founder and CEO of One Plus One (physically disabled)
Expert in affairs related to the Chinese disabled persons; Executive Director of China Disability Research Society
In 2001, he was hit by bone cancer and suffered from disability. He was former general manager of major account department of a technology Group. In 2006, he became founder of One Plus One.
As a DPO leader, he is the first to introduce concepts and models of disabled persons' self-help organization (DPO) into China and launch a Chinese local practice. He boasts considerable in-depth study and practice attainments in terms of disability affairs, social enterprise, social innovation, NGO, marketing, new media and so on.
He makes outstanding contribution to institution building, mechanisms, strategy development, business development, management, corporate culture, talent training and other aspects of One Plus One.

Tang Tao
Partner and Co-founder of One Plus One; Coordinator of Shanghai Operations Center; Head of Development of Social Enterprise (physically disabled)
In 2009, she founded Zhiliao Philanthropy, which was incorporated into One Plus One in 2014. She is Director of Shanghai Foundation for Disabled Persons’ Welfare and Vice Dean of Disabled Education School, Shanghai Open University.
She graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy, and then obtained Master’s Degree from the Chinese Language and Literature department, East China Normal University. she was a voice actor, a radio host, a foreign enterprise manager in her life. In 2005, she joined in a well-known financial company as Director of Sales. Zhiliao Philanthropy is the most well-known disabled persons' self-help organization in Shanghai.
Tang Tao has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in social enterprise, capital operation, public education, and many other areas.

Fu Gaoshan
Partner of One Plus One; Director of Qishi Disability Research Center (low vision)
Former Founder of One Plus One; expert in Chinese Information Accessibility 
He received professional broadcast training from BBC. In 2007, he was a registered reporter of Shanghai Special Olympics. In 2009, he was a member in the first batch of non-visual photography trainers who originated the Chinese model of non-visual photography. He also participated in and contributed to amendment of a number of domestic disability-related policies.
Fu Gashing has extensive knowledge in disability policy, disability research, new employment, information accessibility, community development, community building and various other areas.

Yang Qingfeng
Partner of One Plus One; Coordinator of Sound Wave Visually Impaired Partner Center (totally blind)
In 2006, Yang Qingfeng joined One Plus One. He is an independent life trainer for visually impaired persons; a design advisor for visually impaired projects; a trainer for Visually Impaired Persons’ Parents Council of China Association of the Blind; as well as a program producer of “Voice of China” and “Friends of the Disabled People” in the Central People's Radio.
In 2008, he was the chief planner for radio commercial “Falling in love with the Paralympics” in Organizing Committee of the Olympics and Paralympics Beijing. In 2008, he was the registered journalist in charge of news coverage for grand Paralympics, and became the first visually impaired journalist in China's Olympic history. He complied Harvard University Manual Invisible Rights, founded China's first visually impaired community experience sharing radio program “Visually Impaired Persons’ Hotline”, opened China’s first specialized hotline service for the visually impaired groups, and set up Sound Wave Visually Impaired Partner Center with the goal of mutual help within the community in China.
For a long time, he provides visually impaired persons and their parents with training and consultation on the topic of independent life, integrated education, professional career and development strategy. He boasts outstanding performance and rich theoretical knowledge and practical attainment in the field of radio program production, media communication, service innovation for visually impaired persons and visually impaired persons’ development.

Cai Cong
Partner of One Plus One; CEO of Youren Culture (low vision)
Cai Cong joined One Plus One in 2010. He is a trainer for the United Nations Disability Equality Awareness, certified by International Disability Alliance for The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, for the United Nations Sustainable Development Strategies and Goals, for disability development projects of Harvard Law School, and for non-visual photography.
He assumes overall responsibility for DPO Development Support Center and Media Production Center. He founds and chairs Youren Magazine (the first We Media from the Chinese disabled community). And he take charge of preparation of Invisible Rights, Disabled Persons’ Library Series Casebook, Observation Report On Print Media Coverage Of Disability In 2008-2012, Observation Report On Chinese People With Disabilities 2014 and other publications.
Currently, he focuses on supporting the emergence and development of DPO organizations in China. As a delegate from disability field, he was invited to attend Youth Forum of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in Transition to Sustainable Development Goals, and exchanged development experience of Chinese DPO with colleagues from Japan, Cambodia, Thailand and other countries and regions. He has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in We Media communication, DPO training, and public education. 

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