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Before 2016

Most mature, Representative, and Influential Local DPO in China

One Plus One (Beijing) Disabled Persons' Cultural Development Center (OPO) was originally established in March 2006 as the One Plus One Cultural Exchange Center. OPO is managed entirely by people with disabilities and most of our staff are disabled. OPO is a home-grown Chinese, non-profit, disabled persons' self-help organisation (DPO). Set up as an independent media organization working in the field of disability, OPO is committed to establishing and developing local organizations for disabled people and other self-help groups, and to protecting the rights of people with disabilities throughout China.

One Plus One is one of China's most mature indigenous DPOs. We have made significant breakthroughs in many areas, including services for disabled people, the media, the Internet and other non-profit activities. We established China's first broadcasting production team run by visually impaired people, and our programs are broadcast to most regions of China. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Guangzhou Paralympics, OPO was the first disabled persons' registered media organization in the history of the Olympics and the Asian Games. We set up China’s first online radio service specifically for people with disabilities. In 2009 OPO became a member of the Internet Society of China. We have won awards from One Foundation, the China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, the Narada Foundation, the ASIC World Public Service Award, and others.

Working from the angle of disability, OPO provides specialized technology and management support services, promoting a professional model of disabled people’s employment. OPO fosters the all-round abilities of disabled people, encouraging the formation of disabled people's self-help organizations and other social organizations. One Plus One optimizes social resources and promotes society’s acceptance of disabled people, improving quality of life and promoting sustainable development.  

Our Vision 
A pluralistic society suited to the development of people with disabilities.

Our Values
- Serving the needs of disabled people
- Equal participation in society
- Professional creativity

Fields of Engagement
‐Public education/ policy advocacy
‐Protection of disabled people's rights and interests
‐Services for disabled people
‐Disabled people’s social enterprise

Scope of Our Work
‐Initiating and supporting the development of disabled people's organizations and other self-help organizations in China
‐Creating a professional employment model for people with disabilities
‐Raising public awareness of disability
‐Striving for the right of disabled people to participate equally in society

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